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Why cable protectors are crucial

If your business uses any type of cabling, cable protectors are a vital investment. Not only will you protect your cables from damage—you’ll also significantly reduce the risk of lost productivity or unexpected costs from needing to repair or replace crushed cables.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about why cable protectors are so important, helping you understand why they’d make a great investment for your business’s workshop or office space.

What is a cable protector?

A cable protector is a plastic cover that helps keep cables safe from damage. They’re typically made from rubber, plastic, or other materials designed to protect the cable from sharp edges, dirt, abrasive chemicals, and objects like chair legs, desk corners, or an errant foot! 

When cables are exposed, they can easily face water, heat, or physical stress damage. Installing cable protectors will keep your business’s important wires and cables away from these threats, ensuring they stay in good condition for longer. Cable protectors also make accessing your cables easier if replacement is necessary.

Reducing unexpected costs and productivity loss

Among other benefits, installing cable protectors within your office or workshop can provide much-needed protection from damage, reducing replacement and repair costs. You’ll also significantly reduce the risk of lost productivity from cable damage.

Did you know the average cost of repairing or replacing a cable is around $11.00 per metre? As such, organisations using 40 meters of cable can expect to spend around $440 in the event of a cable breakage. And without cable protectors, breakages can often happen—so the costs will add up.

In the same way, a damaged cable can temporarily shut down important systems, leading to significant productivity and potential revenue loss for your company. Using cable protectors will reduce the risk of this happening.

Cable management

Maintaining a clean, organised cable management system within any working environment is essential. You’ll make sure workers can easily access cables when necessary, reduce the risk of damage and injury, and create a more attractive, neater workplace. Cable management is especially important if your workplace has a lot of cables in one area, such as underneath computer desks.

A cable management system will also help keep your computer and other electronic devices safe. For example, say you have a surge protector that has a power strip built into it. If all the wires hang loosely around the power strip, there’s no way to tell which devices are plugged in and which ones aren’t. 

The power strip may also receive more electrical current than it can handle, which could cause a fire or cause your devices to malfunction. Thankfully, a good cable management system offers a quick solution to this problem—and cable protectors are one of the best ways to achieve this.


Let’s quickly summarise. Cable protectors are specialised devices designed to protect cables from being crushed or damaged. They’re also great for organising cables in spaces with limited room.

Investing in quality cable protectors is essential for maintaining a safe workplace and avoiding costly repairs and replacements. It can also prevent lost productivity caused by a damaged cable.


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