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Add some pinky bling with the best signet rings to shop

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Once the symbol of blue-blooded aristocracy, the classic signet ring has been absorbed into the menswear jewellery revolution. En masse, men are wearing enough bling on their wrists, necks, and fingers to set an airport security scanner into meltdown. One of the movement’s central figures, rapper Tyler, The Creator is rarely seen without his extra jewellery, elsewhere Harry Styles is almost never seen without several pieces of digit decoration—including on the pinky. On the more extreme end, DJ Khaled loves himself some sleazier, more obnoxious accoutrements on his smallest finger—jewels and all. Each to their own, we say.


The history of the signet ring dates back several thousand years. From the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign”, it was originally religious figures, Kings, and Pharaohs who had their personal sigil on the ring, worn on their pinky. That ring was used to mark and then seal official documents with the unique sign on the face of the ring, then pressed into hot wax. Archaic stuff.


But that was then. No one a) sends letters anymore b) if they do, they definitely won’t seal it with wax. In 2023, anyone can sport a signet ring. And even if you don’t have a family crest to decorate it with, you can choose a sign—just as you would a stage name, or you can select a more minimalist design, to suit your minimalist lifestyle. Or you can live out your Soprano fantasy; a deep onyx stone set in a neat sterling silver or 9 carat gold ring. We won’t kiss your ring, but someone might.


So if the pinky is the final frontier of your jewellery journey, the last unadorned finger on a fistful of fabulous rings, here are 11 of the best men’s signet rings to add to your collection.

The best men’s signet rings to shop in 2023


Cameron Studio


A neat sterling silver signet ring, its smaller silhouette is suited better to the more daintily-fingered among us. Minimal, clean lines, and a versatile shape. Living proof that simple works best.


SHOP NOW: Type 018 Portrait Signet, $210 from The Iconic




Prefer a more matte appearance to your jewellery? Go for this tidy little oval signet ring from Kuzzoi. Handcrafted, available in a range of different ring sizes for pinkies of all shapes, an easy start, or finish, to your collection.


SHOP NOW: Matt Basic Signet ring, $79.90 from The Iconic




Traditionally, signet rings were in fact round in shape. But just like all things in style, the rule book was thrown out the window years ago. This blockier example from Miansai is updated for the modern man, and even comes with a neat diamond inset.


SHOP NOW: Geo Signet Ring with diamond, $295 from Miansai




A.P.C. have long made it their goal to focus on simply creating classic and elevated pieces that help to enhance your collection. The signet ring fits into that perfectly. This ‘A’ plaque ring is perfect if your first or last name begins with ‘A’, or you’re a high achiever at school, or you’re an asshole? There are lots of possibilities with the letter ‘A’.


SHOP NOW: ‘A’ Plaque signet ring, $169 from End Clothing.


Maria Black


Ovals? Squares? Rectangles? Why not skip the shapes completely and opt for a word. This ‘Boy’ ring from Maria Black features gold plated sterling silver. It’s an everyday wear that is not going to cost you the bank. One for the boys.


SHOP NOW: Maria Black Boy ring, $242 from Farfetch


Pearls Before Swine


Biblical references meet natural beauty? That’s the MO at Pearls Before Swine; brutalist and avant-garde signet rings for the ambient techno producers or specialty coffee brewer in your life. One that will stand out from the rest.


SHOP NOW: Signet UD ring, $539 from End Clothing.


Tom Wood


Leave it to the Scandis to educate us again on timeless style, this time in jewellery. Tom Wood’s rings exude quality, robust sterling silver with delicate jewelled finishes. Contemporary black pavé spinel styling, simple yet impactful. Everything you want in a signet ring.


SHOP NOW: Tom Wood mini oval spinel signet ring, $608 from Farfetch


Vivienne Westwood


The Godmother of Punk herself, Vivienne Westwood, had jewellery on lock. Clean lines, her class orb logo looks just as regal on this signet ring. A timeless staple from one of Britain’s greatest designers.


SHOP NOW: Vivienne Westwood Gold Sigillo Ring, $251 (originally $415) from SSENSE




If you love a signet ring with a bit of a story, then The Lost Dreamer ring is going to be up your alley. Inspired by the reverie and the nightmare, the two states of dreaming, Alighieri has produced a modern design, made from 24 karat gold plated bronze. For special occasions.


SHOP NOW: Alighieri The Lost Dreamer, $495 from Mytheresa


Bleue Burnham


“Wait! Isn’t this the guy (rumoured to be) dating Phoebe Bridgers?” we hear you ask. NO! This is a jewellery brand. If Diddy is anything to go by, then there is certainly the space for pinky rings to be as loud and bejewelled as humanly possible. Bleue Burnham are the experts at that (outside those celebrity LA based jewellers who frankly are just corny). A rainbow of sapphire stones on top of a sleek silver base? Extreme done right.


SHOP NOW: Bleue Burnham Silver Signet Ring, $699 on Matches Fashion


Ellie Mercer

Contrasting elements of resin and solid 9 carat gold, Ellie Mercer’s rings are a work of art for the fingers. Handcrafted in London, this gorgeous example with its bright red accents is sure to stand out on your fingers—no matter the occasion.

SHOP NOW: Ellie Mercer resin & 9kt gold ring, $1,591 from Matches Fashion (15 per cent off first order

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