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Essential tips for Blackjack

Being a beginner to Blackjack isn’t easy, there are many things you have to learn and memorise in order to be anything even remotely considered decent. Unfortunately, there are many myths and common misconceptions about the game which can confuse new players even further.

Researching essential tips could prove vital to improving your game and even eventually winning Blackjack, this page is some of the most important tips to remember before you play any game of Blackjack.

Learn the Basics

It may sound simple but you’d be surprised with the amount of players who believe they can just jump into the deep end with Blackjack. Unlike other casino games, Blackjack incorporates technical elements and skill which can affect the outcome of a game. Not taking the time to learn the very basics could cost you dearly when you hit the tables. Learning all possible combinations and a basic strategy at the very least can prove to be crucial.

Less Decks is Better than More Decks

The fewer the decks, the better your chances of winning are! Less decks means that there is a bigger chance that players will be able to get a Blackjack, it also means that the house edge is lowered slightly. As there are fewer cards in the deck, doubling down is much more useful than it is with more decks! Be careful though, these benefits are only felt when the rules are consistent across the games.

Dealers aren’t the Reason you are Winning or Losing

It can be easy to get frustrated when you are losing a game of Blackjack, this frustration is sometimes directed at the nearest target, usually some unlucky dealer! Don’t make the mistake of blaming them for your loss, dealers can’t control who wins and who loses. Being aggressive or rude is a surefire way to get escorted away by security.

Don’t Bet on Emotions

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little passionate when playing Blackjack but it is important that you are placing bets with a clear mind. Sometimes when we get a little overexcited we can make bad decisions, unfortunately in Blackjack these bad decisions lead to you losing money! This goes both ways, if you are finding yourself feeling angry or frustrated perhaps you should consider taking a small break. Betting while in a negative mindset is only going to lead to trouble. This is an irresponsible way of gambling and never works out well for players.

Never go All In!

This is a vital tip, going all in is not a good idea! It’s completely unwise and there is no better way to display your own inexperience than by going all in on a hand. The sensible option is to always leave money aside, just in case things go badly.


Learning these basic tips can improve any new player’s game, whether this be remembering not to go all in, keeping your emotions under control or even choosing a game with fewer decks. These tips will be incredibly useful!

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