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As the digital marketing landscape changes, so should your strategy on navigating it. Each year there are new apps, popular forms of content, and approaches to getting customers. In such a cluttered space, it can be easy to miss a potential goldmine of drawing new customers to your business. To make your life easier, we’ve narrowed down five digital marketing strategies companies often overlook in 2022.

Utilize Quora to get traffic


With 300 million monthly users, Quora can be a substantial source of traffic if utilized correctly. Providing quality answers to questions about your industry can push you to the top of the thread and introduce thousands of users to your brand.

Founded in 2009, Quora is one of the go-to forums on the internet for questions about anything. Answers on Quora often appear at the top of Google. So, if a question goes viral and you answer it well, it can create an abundance of new traffic and leads being directed to your site. Marketing on Quora doesn’t need to be time consuming. Oftentimes, old blog content can be used to create a quality response.

To get the most out of Quora, provide answers that are backed by research and citations. Additionally, be concise. Those looking for a simple answer to a question will not be interested in reading eight paragraphs.

Host webinars


Webinars are a powerful way to connect with potential customers. While blogging, short form videos, and other types of content are great, none of them offer the live connection that can be found through a webinar. While in person seminars are restricted by attendance limits and location, webinars have no limitations other than how well you promote the event.

Your company’s webinar can be about anything in your industry. Just consider which topics will draw the most attention and which areas you can add high amounts of valuable content to viewers. There are a few ways to run webinars—if you record them, you can post them later as in-demand content that can be used in the long-term. However, you may also consider doing a live-only viewing instead as a way to build anticipation and incentivize more people to not miss the event.

Regardless of strategy, a quality webinar is an underrated marketing tool. Go in with a plan, promote it well, create a quality experience, and customers will flock to your business from the webinar.

Engage through polls, surveys, and quizzes


Engagement on social media goes beyond comments and likes in 2022. Polls, surveys, and quizzes are an easy, effective way to create more interaction with your followers. Regardless of your industry, getting input on the latest events encourages quick answers and engagement that can lead to a conversion.

As an essential feature on Instagram, Twitter, and other prominent social media platforms, polls create direct engagement while also enabling you to collect valuable information about your followers. For instance, you could post a poll asking followers which content you’ve posted in the last few months has been their favorite. Doing so engages them while also giving your company valuable feedback.

Collecting data is not the only way polls can be used. The possibilities are wide: create a prediction poll about an upcoming event in your industry, have a daily quiz that tests your followers’ knowledge, or create a giveaway for those who consistently get questions correct. The utilization of polls, surveys, and quizzes is overlooked and will help your company tap into its full potential on social media.  

Repurpose content 


Repurposing content will save you time and create more traffic from less work. Too often, marketers limit themselves to putting out content on one medium and leaving it there. What if you took the viral video you made and put the same information into a blog post? Or what if you changed your most viewed blog post into an infographic? Once you’ve done the heavy lifting, content can be reused effectively in a variety of ways, making sure you capture audiences with different consumption preferences.

Create a routine of going through your content, finding the pieces that get the most engagement, and repurposing them in useful ways. This goes beyond just changing the form of media. It can also mean taking that viral listicle made in 2019 and updating it for 2022 to boost its performance. Once content goes out into the world, repurposing it on a regular basis will expand its lifetime and help your company receive more traffic.

Create infographics 


Consumers engage well with visuals. With many distractions, a long blog post or thirty minute video usually won’t be the best way to make powerful connections quickly, meaning infographics should become an integral part of your company’s content marketing strategy.

With our brains processing visuals 60,000 times faster than text, a quality infographic can stand out to many potential customers who would otherwise keep scrolling. It doesn’t need to be complicated—Canva or Adobe Illustrator can be used for simple, clean designs that will help you portray exactly what you want.

Most types of content you’ve published can be cut down to the core concepts and turned into an infographic. This type of potential to draw customers should not be overlooked any longer—32% of marketers are saying that visuals are the most important type of content.

Key takeaways


It can be easy to miss out on a digital marketing strategy that could bring substantial traffic to your company. From reusing content to considering different types of engagement, there are many overlooked ways you can improve your digital marketing strategy, and these five are a great start.

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