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Overwatch Update With New Skins And Retribution Mode Is Live

The latest free update for Overwatch has arrived, and it kicks off the latest seasonal event, Overwatch Archive 2018. It’s live now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and features both new skins and a special co-op Brawl mode called Retribution.

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Download Latest Games 2018 There are a handful of new skins–eight Legendaries–to get your hands on through loot boxes. Characters to get new looks in this update are Hanzo, Winston, Moira, Reaper, Mei, Doomfist, Sombra, and Lucio. More than 100 cosmetic items from last year’s Uprising event return, with 60 new ones being added for this event. These include highlight intros, sprays, emotes, and more.

As for Retribution mode, it’s a four-player co-op experience not unlike what we’ve seen before from Overwatch’s limited-time PvE offerings. It takes players eight years prior to the events of Overwatch, when the Blackwatch group tries to capture a “high-ranking member of the Talon organization.” Players will assume the roles of Genji, McCree, Moira, and Reyes (who ultimately becomes Reaper). Alternatively, there’s a non-canonical version that allows you to play as any character from the full roster. Either way, you’ll be playing on a new Venice map, while a PvP version, Rialto, will also be available as a new Escort map TodayKos.

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