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How to get certified Tmall Partner in China

There’s a new tranche of e-commerce companies busting out in China that’s looking to make a name for themselves. They want to be known for their service, not their customers. That’s why you will see many of these fintech startups launch in the country. To get your hands on the right Tmall partners, you need to first understand what exactly it is that Tmall is and how it can help you achieve your business objectives. In this article, we explore the following: – An overview of Tmall and its different offerings – The differences between online and offline retail – How providing services via an online presence could be more beneficial than providing service with an offline presence – Check out our top 5 tips to get certified Tmall partner in China

What is Tmall?

Tmall is an online shopping platform that was developed by Alibaba. It has now grown into one of the most significant online auction services providers in the world. Tmall is currently Asia’s leading online marketplace with over 80% of all internet traffic coming from Asia, where it is currently found. Besides being a leading ranking service provider in Asia, Tmall also offers an array of other services and solutions, such as hosting events and merchandise events, a mobile app, and a dedicated website.

What makes a good Tmall partner?

To be a successful Tmall partner, you will first have to have an idea of what your business goals are and make an investment in the right direction. You can do this by looking at the following questions to get a better understanding of what exactly your product or service is and what it can do for your partner’s business: – What is your core business? – What are your customer segments? – What is your niche? – What is your growth area? – What is the best way to start building your partner’s business?

The benefits of an online presence

Off-site and online marketing are very effective in increasing sales and profits. Online marketing strategies are often based on e-commerce concepts, but with a digital presence, you can reach more customers and increase sales at the same time. This is great both for your brand and your customers’ identities.

How to get certified Tmall Partner in China

There are numerous ways to get certified as a Tmall partner in China. You can complete a certification program, or Tmall certification, in your country. Alternatively, you can go to a certification center in China and take a test that’s designed to determine if you’re a certified Tmall partner. Another option is to take the certification exam and take the corresponding certification test again.


The good news is that there are many options for getting certified as a Tmall partner in China. You can choose from a variety of certification centers, take a test, and, if passed, you’ll be able to pass the test and receive the certification. There are a variety of ways to get certified as a Tmall partner in China. You can complete a certification program, take a test, or go to a certification center and take the certification test. The best way to get certified as a Tmall partner in China is to choose a center and take the certification test. If you pass the certification exam and get your goal, you can then apply for a business license and start marketing your products or services in China. You can also look into acquiring a new customer or two at a time and growing your business. As you grow, more customers will likely appreciate your services and want to deal with you again and again. That’s all it takes to get certified as a Tmall partner in China. The process is pretty easy, and the great thing about it is that you don’t have to do any additional work for the rest of your life. It’s an excellent way to get involved with e-commerce in the country and help grow your business.




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