The Top Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in 2020: Ranked

The Top Wooden Hanger Manufacturers in 2020: Ranked

Electronics, furniture, and wardrobe accessories can be found in almost any store. Some are low-priced, some are more expensive. The age-old adage of “you get what you pay for” has blurred thanks to technological advances and mass production techniques.

Such is NOT the case for high-quality wardrobe hangers. Manufacturers, who make a wide variety of wooden hangers for business or residential use, have created a broad inventory of cheap products at the cost of quality and durability. Don’t waste your time on these products if you care about the health and longevity of your most treasured garments.

The following manufacturers are considered the best in producing high-quality wooden hangers designed to protect your clothes and stand the test of time.

1. The Hanger Store

Based in California, the Hanger Store has more than 90 years of manufacturing experience – all the while providing customers from all over with high-quality products.

Although this is one of many wooden hanger manufacturers, this company’s products include metal and satin padding. Additionally, the workplace environment is one that implements innovative designs that aids in incorporating a wide variety of styles, ranging from modern to more traditional.

The commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there, as all equipment is state of the art. Visit for more information on their wide range of wardrobe products.

2. AZ Hangers

Thanks to the multiple locations of AZ Hangers, this is one of the premier wooden hanger manufacturers that handles orders for larger-based businesses that include hotels and the like.

What makes AZ Hangers so special? They have a complete top-to-bottom design service to create the perfect hanger design for any closet or boutique rack.

They claim that their lead times are the fastest in the industry, and all hangers are made from only the finest materials. The commitment to excellence extends to high-quality customer service in bringing the customer’s vision to life.

3. Hangers Direct

Based out of Texas, Hangers Direct is one of many wooden hanger manufacturers that prides itself on offering you the customer a wide variety of options. This manufacturer goes above and beyond the simple mundane by incorporating different designs while using high-quality materials that result in only the best products.

Speaking of materials, Hangers Direct can craft hangers using wood, cedar, and many options, including eco-friendly bamboo. Additionally, this particular manufacturer has a wide selection of pant, suit, and shirt hangers to choose from, all geared towards any type of client.

4. Butler Hangers

Based out of California, Butler Hangers is the best of the best when it comes to meeting all your hanger needs. Equipped with more than 17 years of experience, the Butler staff are well versed in the ways of crafting and designing various hanger styles using materials such as metal, plastic, and wood.

Additionally, the folks at Butler Hangers also pride themselves on customer service as they make buying wholesale an easy process

Choose Butler Hangers For Your 2020 Wardrobe Storage Needs

For more information on how to buy products from Butler Hangers, visit their website at If you’d like to speak to a friendly specialist, call (805) 963-9442 or email them at